Best of 2016

2016 became a big year in photography for me, its when i started pushing myself to do more and become a stronger photographer. Just within the year i started an internship with Garage Music News and i’ve attended countless shows, weather at a venue or at someones house. I’m still no where near where i want to be but I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. I really came out of my shell this year and although I’m still nervous to be a nuance while photographing at shows i’ve become more comfortable. And heck, i’ve even started going to shows alone which is something i thought i’d never do. So thank you to anyone who has supported me this year and really helped me feel comfortable in doing what i love. Please enjoy my favorite photos of 2016.


Wendy | June 28th | Wendy is one of my longest friends, and one of my biggest supporters. She is always down to help me if i need a model to try out something new. I’m am forever greatful


Long Exposure | July 4th | This year i decided to take my hand at long exposure photography and i was fairly pleased with myself. I think i ended up overdoing it though haha


North East Minneapolis | July 31st | I’m usually looking for an occasion to take my camera out with me, but as i was taking a walk around North East and hunting Pokemon with some friends i ended up taking this shot. I’m considering having it framed for my living room 


Pierre | September 16th | The reason i like this photo so much is because it captures action, and i enjoy the lighting. The other reason is that i feel like bassists are usually hard to get good photos of so it’s always nice to capture their work


My Brother’s Wedding | September 24th | Although i wasn’t the designated photographer for their wedding, that didn’t stop me from taking photos. I love this one a lot because no one knew i was taking the photo, so it’s completely natural. 


Fern | December 3rd | I take a lot of cat pictures, usually of their toe beans. But with the wide angle lens used, if creates a nice focal point. I’m very purrroud of this one 


Remo Drive | March 31st | I’ve taken a lot of photos of Remo Drive this year, but this one has always been a favorite. I like it especially because it was when i first started getting into taking show photos more, when i didn’t believe in my work 


The Story So Far | November 1st | Now this show was huge for me, not only did i get to photograph one of my favorite bands but it was the first time i received a photo pass for a big venue show. Being able to tell people i photographed this show (with Good Charlotte headlining btw) will always be something I’m proud of  


Tiny Moving Parts | December 17th | This show was overall amazing because every band was from Minnesota, and its great to be at a show where you know all the bands preforming. I like this one because of how awesome the night was, but also TMP has really cool lighting and it just gave all my photos a different feel than my normal show photos 


Glass Houses | October 2nd | This may be my top favorite of this year. I didn’t originally plan to attend this show but i’m glad i did. I was able to shoot in the same pit as Lauren Leaseburg who supports me tremendously. This ended up being such a sharp, solid photo, and definitely will be a favorite for a long time 


Skyhaven | August 27th | I am proud of this one for more personal than professional reasons, but also being able to get a photo this cool while strobe lights are going off and manual focusing is beyond me 


Unturned | March 20th | I fell in love with Unturned about a year before this show, but i think this was maybe my third time seeing them live. I’ve done many photos for them over this year but this will always be a favorite 


Barely | July 31st | Kim is my best friend and I’m thankful that she puts up with me wanting to take photos of her all the time. This was such a cool area to explore and I’m super happy with how this came out 


Remo Drive | January 30th | I had seen Remo Drive for the first time about a week before this and since I’m not responsible my camera died, making this the first show i was able to photograph. Being that it was so early in the year when i didn’t really have a grasp on what i was doing, i’m glad that is has made my list


Me | December 17th | I’ve always enjoy photos with soft natural lighting, i don’t do portraits too often though just because i look a lot different than when i take a selfie on my phone. I really like this one, and i’m glad i do because theres nothing better than learning to love yourself, inside and out. 


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