*taps mic* is this thing on?

Well hey, if ya don’t know my name is Bethany (or better known as Bethunni) and I’m trying something out here. See I go to a lot of shows, like A LOT, and 98% of the time I’m there taking photos which causes me to have an abundance of photos I sift through and edit but never post. With this experiment, I’m hoping to change that. I plan to post photos from local shows but add in my own thoughts and experiences. Will that be interesting? Who knows, but at least it’s sharing something I enjoy and I can put out the thoughts I have about my journey in photography. Sooo here goes nothing.

This show happened Monday night on the 27th of march, here at the Slack Shack (i think it’s dead now?) Anyways, we had the pleasure of welcoming Archway from Pennsylvania to share the sweaty basement (honestly the only downside of the weather getting warmer). Well I showed up late, and if you know me that’s not an unusual thing. I was still able to catch the last few songs in Niiice’s set. I did a video for them not too long ago and they’re a pretty rad group of humans. They seem to talk about Remo Drive a lot, but honestly who isn’t. Personally, it was really cool because once they all noticed me I was greeted warmly and I don’t think I’ve heard my name said so much at a show haha.

As far as I know this may have been the first time Lionsdale played a basement show. Which kind of sucked because I know Ben jumps a lot and those are always cool shots to try and get, but it’s okay because the rest of the band makes up for it with their long locks of hair. Long hair is also very fun to photograph

The reason I wanted to do posts like this is because I see a lot of touring bands, and I do photograph them but I never end up posted them and they’re left to sit on my external hard drive, never seeing the light of day. BUT Archway is the lucky winner of being the first touring band I saw after conjuring up this idea. I don’t have much to say honestly, I’m really bad at describing music which is dumb because I intern at a music based publication. What I can tell you is that they sounded great, and played a nice set. Honestly just look at the photos of them instead of reading this paragraph.

I hope 2017 brings us many shows of mixed bills. I went to a show last month and every band on the bill was a different genre and it was honestly refreshing. It started out acoustic and ended with metal. It keeps ya on your toes. Just like this show, More Weight played in the middle of some punk bands, and they’re a loooot heavier. They really did shake it up though, everyone was either kicking and swinging their limbs or trying to avoid getting hit. Bands like them are fun to photograph but also hard because I have to find a safe spot to hide from destruction but still have a clear view.

I am very pleased that I was able to photograph Unturned’s first (and maybe last) time playing at the Slack Shack. These boys are great, and I’m bout to get real sentimental with you. If it wasn’t for this band I don’t even know where I’d be in my photography right now. They are the first local band I fell in love with and if I never did I never would have started to go to these shows. I have been introduced to so many awesome bands and people by going to random peoples’ houses to listen to music. Honestly I don’t know why I don’t talk about these guys more. Just a solid band, rippin’ awesome tunes and they’re always a treat to photograph. There is SO MUCH CROWD INVOLVEMENT and so much love shown at these shows and it’s so great I can be a part of it. I still kinda feel like the odd one out, but I’m making my way there. I kind of strayed from talking about Unturned, but in conclusion


Unturned is sick

If you are a band featured in this segment please don’t save the photos from this article, just contact me here and I can hook you up with a dropbox link \m/


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