Hello, it is me once again. Giving this whole thing a second whirl, let’s see how it goes

SO this whole gig starts off with Half Mannequin, a 7 sometimes 8 piece band that may or may not just be Remo Drive and friends. This whole group is fantastic, it’s like taking some of my favorite people and jamming them all into one room to play various impromptu covers. I’m going to be honest, the one (and only) thing I hate about them is their soundchecks. Man oh man does that make me feel all kinda of anxious, only because literally everyone in the band is testing out their instruments all at once but everyone is playing something different. BUT it all comes together at some points because someone will start playing a cover and then everyone else follows suit. Its kind of great seeing that manny people click so well. Overall they’re sound fantastic, and if you don’t check them out at least once you’re a cop.

(i don’t have use of the clap emoji so you’ll just have to imagine them)


Pierre, Victor Shores and Affogato just came home from tour so this is a really cool lineup for a homecoming show

Now I’ve seen Affogato once or twice before, and I honestly haven’t checked out their music any further than live performances so maybe I’m the cop here.. Anyways, like I’ve said before I’m not good at describing music but if I’m not mistaken Affogato is some sort of espresso beverage? Well to me it relates back to coffee, and their sound makes me feel calm and warm like a quiet little coffee shop you would go to and study for a while. It’s really cool seeing yet another band kind of pieced together with members from other bands to create a completely new sound.

Victor Shores is another band I’ve seen before but haven’t checked out after the show. But in my defense, I tried to buy a CD and all they had was vinyl. Anyways their live performance was amazing, these guys just got back from tour but they all played with such high energy as if it was their first day out. Even though I didn’t know any of their songs it was still really easy to have fun and move a little, and it’s always entertaining to watch people in the crowd sing along so passionately. If I haven’t said it before I’ll say it now, I love a band that creates such strong crowd involvement. Yet another thing that’s super cool about basement shows is that there are no barriers, you are literally inches away from these people who are performing their creation that you enjoy so much.

Pierre is honestly one of god’s gift to this world. Maybe it’s because I haven’t ventured very far into different genres but their sound is something indescribable and you’ll just have to listen and experience them for yourself. Out of all the local bands I love, these guys are one of the only bands that make me really want to shove someone. Not in a mean way of course, but every time I see them I can’t help but join in “the pit”. There was one show that was super wild and I went all out for the majority of their set and my whole upper arm was bruised. There was also another show too where I got a bloody nose but I only like telling that story because it makes me feel super punk rock \m/

This is yet another show where I told myself on the way there that I’d suck it up and use flash, but in the moment I ended up chickening out and just using the magic of a f/1.8 lens and the one lonely light bulb on the ceiling. I remember sitting there during Victor Shores set and thinking of the normalities of photography during a d.i.y show. I was trying to think of who I could model after, but I realized that there aren’t really any other photographers at every house show. And then it really hit me, that the person I was looking for.. was me. I’ll always be hard on myself, It’s just how I work as a human being but in the last few weeks I have really noticed the impact I have in this community. I always think that I just show up and no one notices, but I really do contribute to these shows even if no one is vocal about it. I’m beginning to feel comfortable about where I am with everything and maybe now it’s time I start paving my own path with show photography in the d.i.y scene. I can only go so far with low lit photos with hella noise.

If you were a band featured in this segment please don’t save photos from

the article, contact me here and I’ll hook ya up with a dropbox link


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