As I’m looking at my screen trying to muster up my thoughts on this show, and I’m just speechless. This entire line up was killer and the show overall was just amazing. Definitely a “you HAD to be there” type of deal.

Well this whole gig starts off with Blacc.KLagoon and I am first amazed at how he can jazz up a crowd. I know a lot of people were there to just see Remo Drive but they still participated when he urged the crowd to shout “THIS LOVE AIN’T FREE”. His set continues with more notions of self-love and crowd interaction. He prompts us to put up our hoods, and most of everyone did, or they threw up and invible one. It was just a great performance to have start this momentous event.

As a result of issues with The Happy Children, Gramma was put in place of them. And honestly when I saw the news that they would be playing the show I was screaming and I may have teared up a little bit. I had just seen these guys the night before in a small basement with maybe 15 people, so the thought of them opening for a sold out show blew my mind. These guys never put on a bad show, and let me tell you it’s almost impossible not to move your body. I was front row and of course, once everyone started pushing and shoving I was falling all over the place and on top of the stage. This was the start of the on-going stage dives of the night. It was so great to see everyone involved and enjoying their music. During their last song I finally sucked it up and followed through with my promise of stage diving, and it was the coolest experience ever. You may have caught me doing a few more the rest of this show.

I personally have been so hyped for this show, just knowing that Heart to Gold was opening up for Remo Drive and for a full room, sold out show. I feel like thinking about this show I teared up a lot because I definitely got emotional thinking about how big this show was going to be for them. As usual, I was up at the front of the stage so I could sing my heart out and maybe get a few mic grabs. Before they started their “sound check intro” I got a good look at Grant’s face and it was incredible because you could see how shocked he was at the amount of people they were about to play for. They played a half room show at the Triple Rock back in January after coming home from tour and before this night that was the most wild show they’ve had. Now they’ve made their way to the full stage and have 20 SDPS (stage dives per song). I just can’t express how amazing it was to see them play this show, and I’m excited for the day they put out their own full length and sell out shows just like tonight. I hope they can play more packed shows like this because I had almost too much fun doing stage dives. During their last song I went for a dive but I just kind of got consumed into the crowd, people who were watching from above said it looked like I died. I was on the ground for a lot longer than I would have liked and I may have gotten trampled but it was all worth it. Before I knew it someone was there to pull me up from the floor, which just makes me love this scene even more. I landed on so many strangers and you’d think they’d be mad but all of them caught me or pulled me off the ground and made sure I was okay and safe. It’s just amazing how loving and supportive this community is, and I’m really glad to be a part of it.

The wait for Remo Drive to play was dragging on and I was getting so impatient, I have been dreaming of this show since I bought my ticket in February! The boys were dressed up in their classic turtlenecks, and they have an old tube TV out to display just some video of them goofing around. It all started with just feedback for a few minutes while we watched their odd home video. The lights dimmed and you could see them walk on stage with huge goofy grins on their faces as the entire building screamed for them. I already knew their setlist because they were playing the entire album from front to back, I was pushed up against the stage so I was unable to do my own rendition of the dance moves that were in the Art School video, and I couldn’t shake my hips to the bass line in Hunting for Sport, but never the less I had never been so happy as to be squished against a stage and multiple people like sardines. I don’t know if I’m allowed to give myself a shout out? But whatever I’m gunna. Shout out to me because even though the conditions were horrible, I was still front row trying to capture this show the best I could. There was a point I was just laying on the stage to get photos of Sam because so many people were pushing me forward. This show was probably the hardest to shoot, but it was the most fun. I finally got a flash and I actually used it! And I’m glad I did because these photos came out pretty good if I do say so myself. Before the show, I really underestimated

Before the show, I really underestimated the amount of people that would be there, like I knew it was sold out but I didn’t know what that looked like. I mean there was a freakin’ LINE outside the door. There were so many familiar faces and SO many new ones. Erik had asked who was seeing them for the first time and 93% of the crowd had their hands up, myself and everyone else looked pretty shocked. They have gotten so much recognition in such a short amount of time, and they can only go up from here! I wonder what venue they’ll sell out next. Overall I’m really glad I was able to be apart of this milestone for Remo Drive, they’re such great guys and all very talented. I think they were all blown away by the intensity of the support they received and I know it is all well deserved.

Okay I think I did an okay job collecting my thoughts? Long story short, this show was a


If you were a band or crowd surfer featured in this segment, please don’t save the photos from the article, contact me Here and I can set you up with a drop box link! Also if you use my photos for a profile picture please tag me so i can see it! I love seeing my photos used 🙂


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