2017 in review

This year I feel like I really improved my work. I had more confidence in what I was creating. I liked a lot of what I did over these past 12 months and this is just a glimpse of what I liked the best. As always I am very excited to see where this takes…Read more 2017 in review


Yer local D.I.Y | 3-27-17 Slack Shack

*taps mic* is this thing on? Well hey, if ya don't know my name is Bethany (or better known as Bethunni) and I'm trying something out here. See I go to a lot of shows, like A LOT, and 98% of the time I'm there taking photos which causes me to have an abundance of photos I…Read more Yer local D.I.Y | 3-27-17 Slack Shack