Yer Local D.I.Y | Anniversary Show

Minneapolis local dynamic duo In Lieu and Gramma rock the Paperhouse to celebrate the one year anniversary of their split EP! Typically I can gauge punk time and know when to roll up to the gig but for once this show started on time and I missed most of the first set. Erik Paulson (Focus…Read more Yer Local D.I.Y | Anniversary Show


Yer Local D.I.Y | Welcome Home

I haven't done one of these in a hot minute. Welcome to my blog where I word vomit my thoughts about a show followed by some sicc piccs from the night. Midway Access never disappoints in turnouts for shows, it's always packed and everyone is always having a grand ole time. It's a great place…Read more Yer Local D.I.Y | Welcome Home

Yer Local D.I.Y | Remo Drive Record Release

As I'm looking at my screen trying to muster up my thoughts on this show, and I'm just speechless. This entire line up was killer and the show overall was just amazing. Definitely a "you HAD to be there" type of deal. Well this whole gig starts off with Blacc.KLagoon and I am first amazed at…Read more Yer Local D.I.Y | Remo Drive Record Release